DIY Boss started in January 2020 to help and educate people on the best paint choices for every kind of paint application. Built around the main purpose of helping people achieve their home decor and home improvement goals, the team try to be available to answer questions and provide advice through our ‘Ask A Question’ feature.

We are an experienced team who embrace technology and blogging, work in painting and decorating and aim to create a DIY Boss advice hub with this site. It’s our goal to provide advice on the best paints, tools and how-to tips for completing your home project.

The team have been involved in the painting and decorating trade for over a combined 18 years. Equipped with the knowledge learned from our peers join us on our journey as we build out the DIY Boss website with useful and helpful tips and advice within the UK home decor and DIY area.

We are always looking to improve, so if you have any comments on how we could improve then please fill in the contact information.


  • Website launched February 10th 2020 (3 writers)
  • Rebranded 10th March 2020 to DIY BOSS due to PaintExpert being Trademarked. (Unbeknownst to us.)