Can You Paint Radiators With Satinwood?

Can You Paint Radiators With Satinwood

Deciding to paint old radiators can be a great way to introduce a new colour into your room either blending with the walls or creating a standout piece with a contrasting colour. However, there is a real problem in the UK with a limited choice of coloured radiator paint and often many people ask can …

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Does Emulsion Paint Go Off?

does emulsion paint go off

You might be thinking about doing some home DIY or about painting a new room in the home and remember that you have an old tin of emulsion paint long forgotten that could just do the trick. You might be wondering does emulsion paint go off? While bringing a new look to a room can …

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Can You Paint Radiators With Emulsion?

can you paint radiators with emulsion

Are you looking for advice on can you paint radiators with emulsion? We’ve created this article to address the issues you may encounter and you can decide if it’s a good idea to apply emulsion paint to your radiators. Having dull radiators is not a good look, usually, they stand out in a room and …

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Best White Gloss Paint That Doesn’t Yellow?


A real problem with applying a new coat of paint to an interior, surface or object is often the gloss paint can yellow and discolour over time. So what’s the best white gloss paint that doesn’t yellow? or the best gloss paint to stay white? While this issue is a common problem encountered by painting …

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Can Sugar Soap Remove Paint? What is Sugar Soap?


One of the most crucial parts of starting any new painting project is preparation. However, we know it is also one of the most overlooked parts of the process. Unfortunately without the correct preparation, you risk a trade-off with the finish and appearance of the end result. While we know rubbing down walls and cleaning …

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