3 Alternatives To Gloss Paint


You may be wondering is there an alternative to gloss paint? Well, that depends on why you are looking for an alternative and what kind of finish you are looking for.

Gloss paint is a high-sheen, strong and durable paint that’s often used in high-traffic areas to protect and inject colour into woodwork around the home. Often used for brightening up skirting boards, doors – both interior and exterior, bannisters, garden and furniture. It has a multitude of uses because it’s a hard-wearing paint that’s resistant to scuffs and chips.

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The reason’s you could be looking for an alternative can be many. Is it because gloss paint tends to yellow over time? Or is it because gloss paint fumes tend to be stronger. Here are some of the reasons you could be looking for an alternative to gloss paint.

You can read about why gloss paint goes yellow in this article.

  • It yellows over time.
  • Strong paint fumes.
  • High level of sheen from gloss paint isn’t the look you want.
  • Strong odour can cause health issues (COPD, breathing difficulties.)
  • Long drying times (16-24hours)

I’m sure there are many other reasons that you could be looking for an alternative to gloss paint. If you want to share then just comment below and the DIY Boss team will add it to the list. So, what are the 5 alternatives to gloss paint you can use around your home?

1. Choose A Water-Based Gloss Paint

Now, hold up. I know we are looking for alternatives to gloss paint but you may not have thought about changing from oil-based gloss that’s traditionally been used in homes for many years. The water-based gloss has a great number of benefits over traditional oil-based paints.

It is often less odourless where you will significantly notice fewer paint fumes.

A lower VOC content and the water-base mixture help accommodate this. It also tends not to yellow over time and the drying times are reduced from 16-24 hours to 4-6 hours. You still get a high-level of sheen and while not as durable as oil-based paints it does provide the best protection of any water-based paints.

You can see a range of our gloss paint here.

2. Satinwood Paint Alternative To Gloss

If you’re looking for an alternative to gloss for wood around the home then you have a great set of options available to you. If you’re still interested in a high-sheen finish then a water-based gloss is the ideal solution.

However, if you don’t mind a mid-sheen finish then satinwood paint will give you a durable finish that’s protective and strong.

While not as durable as gloss, you still get a great level of protection and if you select a water-based satinwood paint then it won’t yellow and won’t produce strong paint fumes or odours.

It can be used around the home for wood and metal such as skirting boards, radiators, doors and windows.

3. Eggshell Paint For A Flat Finish

If a high-sheen or mid-sheen paint isn’t your style but you still want a durable paint that’s in a low-sheen finish then Eggshell will give you the result you are looking for. Available in a water-based formula so there are very little odour and fumes.

Eggshell isn’t as durable and strong as gloss or satinwood it can be used for wood, skirting boards, dado rails, window frames and metal in low-traffic or low-footfall areas around the home.

It gives a shabby chic style that’s very in trend for 2020.

You can read about what Eggshell paint is here.

Final Thoughts

Alternatives to gloss exist, and there are a few to choose from. If you are looking for a low-odour paint to gloss then choose a water-based solution in either gloss, satinwood or eggshell finishes.

For wood and metal around the home, it really depends on what type of look you want to achieve.

Whether that’s a high-sheen, mid-sheen or low-sheen. You can expect faster-drying times than traditional gloss with a water-based solution which reduces the time for touch dry from 16hours to 4 hours.

Be aware that strong odours can affect your health if you suffer from any health issues so take time to research the best solution and order a tester paint first to see how this affects you before you start your painting process.

What’s The Best Alternative To Gloss Paint?

Alternatives to gloss paints can be a water-based gloss that has reduced drying time and less odour and fumes due to a low VOC content than traditional oil-based gloss. For a different look and feel you can choose a satinwood or eggshell paint for woodwork and metal around the home.

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