How To Clean Gloss Paint Brushes

How To Clean Gloss Paint Brushes 1

After a painting project, you may be tempted to just throw away your gloss paint brush but the cleaning process is not hard. In fact, many home DIY enthusiasts think that it’s too much trouble to clean gloss from a paintbrush and would rather buy a new one for each project. This approach can be …

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3 Alternatives To Gloss Paint


You may be wondering is there an alternative to gloss paint? Well, that depends on why you are looking for an alternative and what kind of finish you are looking for. Gloss paint is a high-sheen, strong and durable paint that’s often used in high-traffic areas to protect and inject colour into woodwork around the …

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Stiffkey Blue Guide


If you’re a member of any inspirational or home renovation blogs then you may have already heard of Stiffkey Blue 281. But a lot of people might not be aware of this paint colour that’s become increasingly popular for its unique feel. This guide should get you up to date and informed. What exactly is …

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Can You Use Emulsion Paint On Wood? & How To Seal It


Sealing emulsion paint on wood might have you scratching your head with what exactly you need to do to ensure that your surface is well protected. For that reason, we decided to write this small guide on how to seal emulsion on wood. Quite often during a home improvement project or decorating you might have …

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Best Paint Brush Guide

Best Paint Brush Guide 2

What’s the best paint brush for the job? It’s often the last thing you think of when you are tackling a new home DIY painting project. You’ve selected your colour scheme, ordered your paint and then you think to yourself, what paintbrush do I use for the job. Paint Brush Guide Compound Type Best Brush …

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